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Welcome to Hero's Guild Publications.

An online resource concerning the science fiction/fantasy works of
Ernie Laurence, Jr.

113 articles and growing since June 19, 2010.

Hero's Guild Publications

The Hero's Guild wiki is an online resource for fans of the science fiction/fantasy works of Ernie Laurence, Jr. Here you can find information on worlds, characters, theory, back story, and a host of other things related to these works. Everyone is free to create a new page or edit an existing one, but please do so within the Site Policies.

All material on this wiki is copyrighted and held exclusively by Ernie Laurence, Jr. and Hero's Guild Publications (HGP).  Copy and distribution of this material is prohibited without express, explicit written permission from Ernie or HGP.

Overview of Novels

SPOILER ALERT. Much of the content here is for reference for those who have already read the books, marketers, and so on. If you have not read the books, it is highly recommended that you do that first.

Here is a list of the series and titles. None of these are published and few of them are polished enough to publish, but they are written completely from beginning to end. The titles are, of course, tentative as well, and some are undecided at best. The first four trilogies are directly connected to each other. The next two trilogies can stand alone, but are subtly tied to the other four. They are listed in the order they were written:

Homeworld Saga:

Hero's Guild Saga:

Darksoul Saga:

The New Guild Saga:

Brother's Saga:

Islands of Loar Quartet:

Works In Progress

  • Steel ("Write About Dragons" Novella project)

Planned but not Written

  • Islands of Loar: Pre-Sundering Prequel Trilogy (outlined)...maybe two. Excerpt
  • Islands of Loar: Trilogy immediately following the Sundering leading up to the War of Wind and Fire. (outlined)
  • Un-named Trilogy (Details forthcoming) (outlined)
  • Un-named Stand Alone: Fantasy-based Oz


Arxis Prime