War of Wind and Fire

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Name: War of Wind and Fire
World: Loar
Time Period: Sundered -1700 years
Books: Islands of Loar Quartet (mentioned), Unamed Post-Sundering Trilogy

The War of Wind and Fire is a war that took place between Aeromancers and Pyromancers not long after the Sundering. History officially records the Pyromancers as evil, corrupt, and power-hungry and the Aeromancers as benevolent defenders of the people. The Bards tell a different version where both types of Sorcerers were blinded by a third, unknown party and tricked into fighting each other. Either way, the Aeromancers won the war and nearly wiped out the Pyromancer population, enslaving the few remaining in order to operate the pulons. The war led to the outlawing of fire based magic save for those with special certificates issued by the Council of Wind.



Islands of Loar Quartet