Soteria - Planet

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World: Soteria
Universe: Chaos
Size: 12,300 km diameter
Type: Earth-like
Population: ~700 million
Books: Last Bastion, Multiple HGd10 Modules

Pronunciation [So - tair - ee - uh]

A planet with sleeping magic and vast tracts of uncharted wilderness. It is a temperate world that has been at peace for thousands of years. In ancient times, a powerful evil known as the Feldae tried to conquer the land, enslave its inhabitants, and corrupt the magic of the world. The Eld eventually defeated them and locked them away in a different universe. After a time, the Eld began to fade from the world and the magic slumbered without them to wield it. Now, however, the magic is awakening, heralding the return of the ancient enemy.


Soteria is in the Universe of Chaos in a galaxy next to Majarcania's. Located near the core of it's galaxy, Soteria is rich in mystical energy. The planet is the fifth from its blue star and located behind an arcane field that filters the extreme radiation from such a hot star.

Not much is known about the other planets in the system other than their names and relative orbital distances. Soteria also has two moons, a primary akin to Earth's moon, and a secondary that does not come into focus through any technological or mystical means. This second moon is thought to be a gigantic comet caught by the gravitational and arcane fields of the planet which is why it gives such a fuzzy image.








  • Aletheian (Common)
  • Dovani (Common - different dialect)
  • Korvari (Common - different dialect)
  • Feldaen (Eldritch-tied language)
  • Local - each kind has its own local language from which Common draws.

Notable People[edit]

  • Asuriel Null
  • Bartrin Delk
  • Lincoln (Link) Dovanion
  • Lollard Crest