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The Adversary.

Satan is an enigmatic being, the ruler of demons and evil creatures of many kinds.  He is called the Father of Lies and owning that title, there is much misinformation about him.  Here are some truths gathered by the Hero's Guild's personal interactions with this great Enemy.


Contrary to popular religious myths from Earth prior to the Demon War, Satan does not live in Hell/Gehenna. Gehenna, as it is properly named, is a place designed by Jehovah God as a repository for all the wicked, including Satan, at the end of all temporal Existence.

Satan exists in the Universe of Evil on a planet called Armashaddon.


Satan is a created being like any other, but he was never a messenger of Heaven, an angel as they are often referred to. He can appear as one and has deceived many with this guise. Satan has existed at the dawn of time for all but one Universe attempting to corrupt each of them as Jehovah creates them. He has only failed once so far.

Satan was never in Heaven and could not exist there contrary to myths perpetuated on Earth up until the Demon War.


Satan means The Adversary. This is more of a title than a name. He is also referred to as:

  • The Devil
  • The Father of Lies
  • The Old Serpent
  • and many more...

Lucifer* is NOT another name for Satan despite myths perpetuated by various religions on Earth prior to the Demon War.

*Lucifer is actually the reference to the king of Babylon in an ancient Biblical prophecy.


The full extent of Satan's power is not known, but he is definitely not omnipotent, omnipresent, or omniscient. He just likes to lead people to believe that.

Satan's powers are largely related to illusion and lies. On Armashaddon, he is physically strong with a body that is hard to damage, much less kill. However, this body, like any he wears, is just more lies.

Satan is actually a spirit being and as such, his powers are mostly related to that existence.

He is a skilled liar and relies largely on convincing others to do his work for him.

He is utterly impotent anywhere other than Armashaddon against those who hold a true faith in Jehovah and who stand up to Satan. Standing up to him and rebuking him if one is a child of Jehovah causes Satan to flee.