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Ruler: Lord Cymeon Sophereth - Human Male Aeromancer
Export: Government, administration, trade
Import: finished goods, foodstuffs, trade
Pulon city: Island Districts
Est. Pop.: 32 million


Pulon Island is the gateway to all other Islands. It is divided into various districts, 19 of which have or had a pulon leading to another Island. It is the seat of government for the Islands of Loar and the Council of Wind meets here in The Hall. Unlike most Islands, Pulon does not have a central lake. Its lake has been channeled through a series of canals that serve as sewage and boat-ways. These canals flow in between and under the various streets and sidewalks throughout the city.

Since Pulon Island leads to all other Islands, it does not have a single city with a gate like others. Instead, it has 19 outer districts, each with a gate. These districts mimic in many ways the Island that the pulon within them.




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