Loar - Planet

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World: Loar
Universe: Chaos
Size: Tiny (Islands)
Type: Earth-like
Population: ~300 million
Books: Islands of Loar Quartet

Loar is a world shattered by some unknown force centuries ago. It is comprised of twenty large masses of rock called Islands and forty two smaller rocks referred to as moons. Each Island (with a couple of exceptions) has a large body of water in its center called a sea. Water flows out from the sea throughout the rest of the Island and off the edge. Rather than the water floating out into the Void and being lost, Hydromancers have caused the water to run down the side of the Island which tapers to a rounded point at the bottom. The water then is forced back up through the rock into the sea as underwater springs purifying the water in the process.

Loar orbits a single star. Through various means, the inhabitants of Loar have come to understand astronomy well enough that they have come to recognize their star as just one of many. This star has no name and is commonly referred to as "the local star", "our star", or simply "the star". The word "sun" is not in the vocabulary of any speaking kind on Loar.

Loar is protected by a last parting gift from the goddess Niaaca, a veil which protects Loar by preventing travel to the world by magical means of any kind. This arcane veil is called the Veil of Niaaca. Creatures from one of the elemental realms such as Lord Pneumadel's are exempted from the Veil's magic.