Islands of Loar: Prophecy

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Back Cover[edit]

The Xenotaur have been defeated, but Loar has been torn asunder as a society. No longer ruled by the Council of Wind, many of the Islands are under their own governments, unconnected to the others through the pulons. Several of the Islands barely have any survivors of the Xenotaur War, while others are controlled by the Voidmancer. And on Netterhall, the Semachis gate has opened.

Yet the Geomancers have revealed themselves, alive on Optrinicus and using magic-powered technology to fly within the Void. New magic has also been revealed, mastering body, mind, and soul. Immortals with the power of the old gods and dragons have come to fight for Loar, but the Veil of Niaaca is gone. Demons from the pre-Sundered world come through, seeking to finish what they started so long ago.

Only the Prophecy of the barbarian clans may hold the key to Loar's rejuvenation...or its final end.


Council of Wind[edit]



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