Islands of Loar: Causality

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The heroes of Sundered have been scattered across the Islands. A dark god may have returned. Enemies are not what they seem. As secrets are revealed and new heroes rise, the world seems on the cusp of final annihilation. Time is running out for the Islands of Loar.

Enemies will be revealed and the last hope for Loar will be forged.


The heroes of the Islands of Loar face a gauntlet of trials. Internal pressure from conflict between the bards and the Council of Wind threatens a civil war. A violent new strain of aberrations is clawing its way up out of the center of the Islands destroying everything. Cedijok, the Spider god, is attempting to return. Without the other gods to prevent him, he seeks to control all of Loar. And last, Lower Atalicon has been rediscovered. Now renamed Maarath'gaal, it carries with it a horror unlike any ever encountered in the Islands.



Islands of Loar Quartet: