If He Shall Gain the Whole World? (or Spellwrath and Prism)

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The return of all the original Directors of the original Hero's Guild along with Darksoul's three brothers were not enough to defeat him. Feeling betrayed by his closest friends, Darksoul begins destroying entire worlds where he finds any who do not worship Jehovah, taking upon himself his old pretend mantle of the Angle of Death.

A new set of heroes have risen, redistributing the powers once wielded by the former Directors of the Guild into more modern and better understood forms. Among these new heroes are Prism, who has near infinite control over all forms of electromagnetism, and Spellwrath who manipulates the very essence of the Force of Magic. They have a secret that may be the key to bringing Darksoul down and help from a impossible source, the only source capable of reaching the heart of stone.



Darksoul Saga