Demon War

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Earth is falling apart at the seems. Humanity has tried every possible way to destroy itself through selfishness and lust for power. Socialists economic policies, false religions, and cultures that refuse to melt together lead to pointless military conflicts escalating towards World War III. Behind the escalation is none other than Fin Boen ( Phoneus Boughne), Lord of Murder, and one of Satan's most poweful demon generals. Humiliated by his defeat two thousand years ago. Satan is looking for revenge and for unknown reasons, Jehovah has allowed demons to directly affect matters on Earth once more. Satan's first plan is to attempt to bring about as true the heresies of millennialism: the rapture (a false one), the four horsemen, the Tribulation, and Armageddon. Once humanity has bought into the idea that the so-called Antichrist has come (Fin Boen), Satan plans to bring the remnant of Earth to utter dispair when Christ fails to return at the end of seven years.

One of the first steps in this complete annihilation of humanity is the murder of four childhood friends in a staged car accident. An unexpected ally saves the four, takes them from Earth to train to fight against the demons before returning them to Earth. There, they will attempt to turn Satan's plans against him using their newfound knowledge and power. Their ultimate Earth.




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