Del Mark

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Ruler: Lady Aasha vu'Nathiir – Half-Ogre/Human Female Aeromancer
Export: Raw Goods, mercenary forces, some exotics, worldshards*
Import: finished goods, foodstuffs
Pulon city: Star Reach
Est. Pop.: 26 million


Del Mark is a hot, dry, dusty place full of half-emptied mines and sprawling interconnected villages. The central Lake on Del Mark is the smallest in volume of all the Islands and does not provide enough to water the land. There is only enough to drink and for sewage. The harsh climate is favored by the goblinoid kinds and tougher members of the other races and so a huge quantity of mercenaries find training here. Most end up as street thugs or petty guards for low-class merchants as Upper Atalicon provides a higher quality soldier. There are a few remote preserves of great beauty with rare flora and fauna that attract tourists.




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