Brother's Keeper

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On the world of Inx, human settlers arrived nearly a thousand years after the end of the Jaar'macin War. They began a drawdown from their advanced technology to lead a simple, agrarian life away from all the drama of Terra. After several generations, it was discovered that the planet had indigenous sentient creatures that had not shown up on their surveys. These creatures are physically more powerful than humans and extremely hostile to the interlopers. However, the humans have no way to restore their technology and leave. To preserve themselves, they form kingdoms akin to the medieval pattern from Terra and institute a terrible, but necessary plan. The firstborn of each ruler is taken ten days after birth to a secret bastion and erased from the minds of everyone but the parents.

At the bastion, the firstborn is trained in both martial and mystical skills. When the second child, heir to the throne, is crowned, the firstborn shows up and dedicates their life to the protection of the new monarch and the survival of their family and kingdom.

Today, Cordan's father has stepped down and has announced that Cordan would become king. A stranger shows up and proclaims fealty to Cordan. His parents - full of confusing mixed emotions about the stranger - welcome him as an old friend and assure Cordan that Elden is there for that purpose. Soon after, Elden, Cordan, and their two younger brothers are faced with calamity as the kingdom is put under siege by a nearby Domaag clan.



Brother's Saga: