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Ruler: Lord Extus Malichorum - Human Male Aeromancer
Export: finished goods, tourism/hunting
Import: foodstuffs, refined materials
Pulon city: Pulanaionos
Est. Pop.: 6 million


Bethairia is a wilder version of Beltair, somewhere shy of Fairilund. It’s population is much more sparse concentrating in only three major cities including Pulonaionos. Bethairia’s wild nature is due in large part to being the home to a very large number of Sundering-Warped Aberrations and an equally inordinate amount of the nomadic monster hunting clans. This makes for very small, dangerous tracts of land that can be farmed and Bethairia therefore imports most of its food. It also boasts the only place where true temples to all the ancient gods still stand in one place, the Theosian Peninsula.


Islands of Loar Quartet: