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Ruler: Lord Dalgan Riftwind - Human Male Aeromancer
Export: refined goods, finished goods
Import: Raw Goods, Exotic Goods
Pulon city: Tadashi’i
Est. Pop.: 16 million


The quintessential ‘normal’ of all the Islands. Beltair has enough basic food to supply its own population but imports quite a bit of the exotic materials. It is also home to a good number of tradesmen who bring in raw materials from other Islands and turn them into usable items. It is a temperate Island with small lakes and streams that hold a relative abundance of fish. A number of elfin cities make their homes in the large wooded areas, especially high up in the mountainous regions. Beltair has little in the way of bulk mining, but it does produce enough basic raw material that it would suffice if ever cut off from the other Islands. It also boasts a number of a new kind of metal refinery using wizard magic that are a hundred times more efficient than non-magical ones currently in use. This actually allows Beltair to refine its own goods and any other raw materials shipped in from other Islands.




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