Arxis Prime - Planet

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World: Arxis Prime
Universe: Chaos
Size: 853,132 miles circumference
Type: Jungle Surface
Population: ~100 million
Books: Crash of the Vanguard-II Module

Pronounced [Ark - sis Prime]

Arxis Prime is a hollow world in the universe of Chaos. It's outer surface is covered in dense jungle and shallow freshwater oceans. Much of these oceans is covered by outgrowth of the jungle. Sporadic mountain ranges hold rich deposits of valuable minerals. The interior of the world has a cooler, more temperate climate heated by the concentrated planetary core that acts as an inner sun.


Arxis Prime is in the Shifar'xrostan Galaxy, three hundred million light years from Majarcania.



Arxis Prime has seventeen small continents on a singular fixed tectonic system. A continent is therefore defined as all interconnected land surrounded by water. While some land bridges do exist between some of the continents, the scholars who define such things have given a width minimum of one hundred miles for land to be considered interconnected for the purposes of defining a continent. Only two such connections exist that are within a few miles of the minimum.

  • Haradris Tarn has two major sections to it divided by a narrow joint that is a hundred and thirty one miles across at its narrowest point.
  • Trimidcon has three obvious sections surrounding a massive inner sea. Each section of the continent is connected by a narrowed section of land, but the narrowest is a hundred and fifty seven miles across.


  • Humans
  • Dwarves (Tobar)
  • Madrai - Lizard people with four legs and a prehensile tail.
  • Fathach - giants (8+ feet tall)
  • Sidhe - reclusive humanoid fae that live free in the wild jungle


  • Kelrath - Voidspawn humanoids with corrupted DNA from the sentient kinds.
  • Verdrath - Voidspawn beasts and plant creatures with corrupted DNA, what the Void mutagen virus does to non-sentients.
  • Goblinoids - goblins, hobgoblins, durblins, moglins




Arxis Prime focuses on four major areas for survival out beyond the city-state walls. These four classes are all under the umbrella of Warder.

  • Mystic Knight (paladin) - a warrior who uses magic for attack, defense, and healing.
  • Mage - a person who knows light combat, wears little armor, and focuses heavily on mysticism
  • Branch - a person who focuses on nature and healing magic. Good with mid-range armor and defensive weapons.
  • Scath - a person who focuses on stealth, cunning, and often ranged combat supplemented by illusion, movement, and enchantment magic.


  • Tradecommon
  • Tobar Forgespeak
  • Sidhe
  • various goblinoid

Notable People[edit]

  • Das Huinost - paladin of Crystal Haven, founded Farlestia; served as king
  • Iroia Huinost - mage of Crystal Haven, co-founded Farlestia; married to Das
  • Vayntrub the Elder - mystic knight and king of Farlestia
  • Vayntrub Huinost - grandson of Das and Iroia; son of Vayntrub the Elder; current king of Farlestia
  • Junaan - mystic knight and warder of Farlestia


  • Reiclaganel - the Light Seraph
  • Ameruin Glingunel - Judge of the Jungle
  • Ethnuir - fathach heroess and mythological figure; considered equivalent of other deities
  • Eaine - of the hearth and home; tobar immortal
  • Creid'luch - tobar immortal of crafting
  • Lirune - madrai god of the ocean
  • Celemdan - sidhe immortal high king
  • Yrewndriel - sidhe immortal high queen
  • Ga - goblin immortal of war and fertility
  • Kell - voidspawn deity; creator of the kelrath and verdrath